Teeth Whitening

Remove teeth stains and get your natural smile back.

Sourire femme dans la rue

How teeth whitening works ?

There are various teeth whitening techniques to suit each smile. A smile diagnostic must first be done to determine which whitening technique will produce the best results for a whiter smile.

In most cases, discoloration is on the surface level and is often linked to tobacco use, insufficient hygiene and frequent consumption of certain foods including tea, coffee, red berries, curry, saffron etc. For these cases, simple whitening procedures produce very good results.

Need more in-depth dental treatment?

However, discoloration can sometimes reach a deeper level in the tooth and requires appropriate treatment. This is especially the case in discoloration due to fluorosis, tetracyclines, loss of vitality of the tooth or pulp cavity, and certain dental filling products (amalgams). Treating these types of discoloration is more complex and requires in-depth knowledge of the various teeth whitening techniques.

Teeth whitening before and after

Teeth whitening at The Smile Clinic

Find below some examples of teeth whitening performed on our patients, treated in our clinic in Paris.

Sourire homme avant après blanchiment dentaire
Sourire femme blanchiment dentaire
Sourire homme éclaircissement dentaire

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