Porcelain Veneers

A new smile with maximum teeth preservation

photo sourire femme

Re-designing a smile naturally and elegantly is not a simple task. An aesthetic assessment is necessary to obtain the desired results.

There are various types of veneers to meet your demands. Specialized prosthetists work with high quality materials to obtain customized veneers. The color and shape are chosen beforehand according to the situation and aesthetic assessment. This makes it possible to preserve a maximum of dental tissue during the veneer process.

At the first visit, the dental surgeon takes photographs and study molds. The second visit, or mock-up, involves a trial of the future veneers directly on the teeth. Once the trial is validated, preparation work is carried out on the teeth. The veneers are then sculpted in the prosthetist’s laboratory in line with the desired aesthetic result.

The last visit is for the veneer binding and for planning check-up appointments.

The Smile Clinic and porcelain veeners

Find below some examples of porcelain veeners performed on our patients, treated in our clinic in Paris.

sourire femme facettes
sourire homme facettes céramiques
sourire femme facettes céramiques
sourire femme facettes
sourire femme facettes
sourire femme facettes céramiques

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