Complete Aesthetic Rehabilitation

Complete rehabilitation of the teeth for a new smile

sourire femme

When dental surfaces become too discolored, rehabilitation for an aesthetic smile and for chewing function can be done using several prosthetic and surgical techniques. These include veneers, full ceramic crowns, dental implants etc.

Assessing a case requires multi-disciplinary knowledge in order to obtain functional and aesthetic success.

Using the new ceramic pieces without metal frames avoids the appearance of a grayish and unsightly border on the gum in the long-term, which is perceived by the patient as a therapeutic failure.

Ceramic materials that have the transparency of a real tooth enable the full diffusion of light through the entire ceramic/tooth combination. This allows maximum integration with surrounding tissue, while guaranteeing a good interaction with opposing teeth. Ceramic material is extremely rigid and causes less wear and tear on the teeth opposite the crowns.

The Smile Clinic and complete aesthetic rehabilitation

Find below some examples of complete aesthetic rehabilitation performed on our patients, treated in our clinic in Paris.

femme rehabilitation esthetique
femme rehabilitation esthetique
homme rehabilitation esthetique

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