Implants and bone graft

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Dental implants are artificial roots used to attach prostheses, whether they are crowns, bridges full-arch prostheses or removable prostheses.

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Pre-implant surgery

Rebuild an ideal bone structure for the implant

Dental implants

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Find a lost tooth with an implant

Implantology at the Smile Clinic

Implants are placed most often under local anesthetic. An implant is by nature, a gentle procedure. Every effort is made to make the process as comfortable as possible. Following postoperative advice ensures minimal follow-up. We use implants that are scientifically and clinically proven to be effective.

In carrying out a prosthetic plan, the implant is ideally placed to ensure long-lasting results. With regular brushing and maintenance, implants can now last over 20 years. Designing custom-made prostheses with CAD/CAM technology makes it possible for each patient to have their own unique, aesthetic prostheses.

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