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The success of an implant depends on the quantity and quality of the bone it comes into contact with. In cases where the bone is defective, bone-graft and regeneration therapies are necessary in order to place an implant under the right conditions.

Depending on the bone defect and the anatomical situation, several regenerative therapies are proposed. The one with the highest success rates according to studies is carried out.

Different pre-implant surgeries

The different surgeries include:

  • The sinus lift : when there is a lack of bone height in the back maxillary areas, bone-graft material can be supplied at the sinus to enable the placement of implants.
  • Horizontal augmentation : These augmentations are done when there is a lack of horizontal bone thickness resulting from bone thinning following tooth extraction.
  • Vertical augmentation : These augmentations are done when there is a lack of vertical bone height following significant bone remodeling.
  • Alveolar ridge preservation : These regeneration treatments are done after extracting certain teeth to maintain and preserve enough bone volume for placing an implant.
  • Guided bone regeneration (GBR) : This surgical technique uses bio-materials and membranes for guided bone reconstruction.
  • Periodontal plastic surgery, mucogingival surgeries : These procedures involve soft tissue (gums and mucous membranes). They help strengthen and redefine gingival contours around implants and teeth.

We work with specialized dental surgeons for complex bone-graft procedures.

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