Dental implants

A new tooth for a brand new smile

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Replacing a tooth with an implant is now a reliable treatment option. Implants have a high success rate whether they are placed at the front or back section of the mouth. The loss of a tooth can have devastating consequences on chewing balance. Patients may experience difficulty when chewing their favorite foods as well as a partial loss of their speech function.

The implant options proposed to you take your anatomical situation and prosthetic plan into account.

What to do after losing a tooth

Implants are one of the most predictable and conservative ways of replacing a missing tooth. They also have the longest-standing success rate.

Implants are a broad term for artificial dental roots used to screw on a crown. They look and function like a natural tooth and their useful life is very long when they are well maintained.

Implants dentaires
Implants dentaires

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