Dental protheses

Make disfigured or broken teeth more attractive

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What products do we use?

Make disfigured or broken teeth more attractive

Prosthetic treatments involve rehabilitating unattractive, broken or missing teeth. Our dental surgeons have made the decision to use only state-of-the-art products approved by the international scientific community.

The different categories of prosthesis

There are several categories of prostheses:

Inlays and Onlays :

These are small porcelain or composite prostheses designed in the laboratory to replace a small part of an unattractive tooth.

They are also used to change amalgam restorations – also known as fillings – to visible restorations in the color of the tooth. These restorations are not only more aesthetic and biocompatible, but they are also stronger, since sticking them to dental surfaces creates greater intrinsic cohesion.

Ceramic crowns :

These prostheses are used to rebuild teeth, whether devitalized or not, so that the anatomy of weakened teeth can be strengthened. The use of state-of-the-art full ceramic crowns is a requirement at the practice in order to avoid metal substances in the mouth area.

Bridges :

A bridge is a set of 3 joined crowns used to replace a missing tooth between 2 others. Nowadays, implants are gradually replacing bridges in order to prevent damage to the teeth bordering a gap.

Removable Partial Prostheses and Full-Arch Prostheses :

These are removable prostheses for replacing several teeth. At our practice, the decision was made to work with French-made prostheses known for the quality of their removable prosthesis design. The search for quality and aesthetics has now made it possible to make prostheses without a visible metallic clasp.



Prothèses dentaires

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